Flying with Style

I’m a selfish traveler (or maybe just in general). I want to be appreciated and taken care of when I fly. I don’t want to be blamed when I almost miss a flight when it’s the airline’s fault.

So you can imagine my giddiness this morning when I encountered Southwest’s unique flying experience.

As we lined up in numerical order, it was impossible not to interact with your fellow passengers. You had to ask what number they were to find your place in the boarding line. The result was a community started developing before we even boarded.

As we got on, I chose my seat. I could perused my fellow passengers and found the one that looked like the best seat buddy. My flight anxiety disappeared because I was given control of the situation.

Add to that the staff looks like me and they are smiling, not fake practiced smiles, but like they actually enjoy what they do!

I’m smitten!

As a teacher, my takeaway from this great takeoff is to be real and authentic with students. Create a learning experience that is fun. Change the way students enter the class, even if some of them moan and groan.

Dare to be different. Who knows, your students might just soar!