Morning Light

We started our morning walks in the middle of an epidemic. Suddenly, our lives were at home. Suddenly, school was at home. We needed a way to transition from home to “school” and walking around our neighbor was safe. When we re-entered after our walk, home became school.

Along those walks, we discovered the morning light. Some days the morning light was blazing. Some days the morning light was breaking through the clouds or the trees. Some days the morning light was hiding behind the clouds. Some days the morning light couldn’t be found.

As the days seem to drift into a mundane routine, I needed a reminder that there was light all around. I needed a reminder that even if we are walking and biking the same paths over and over again there something new to notice. I needed the reminder that the Divine was among us.

Even as I asked for my eyes to be opened, I began to see morning light all around. I began to notice the subtle ways flowers bloomed over the course of a week, opening a little more each day. I began to notice the possibility that our morning walks and bike rides just might instill in our four-year-old and seventeen-month-old the desire to escape to nature when things seemed chaotic or scary. I began to notice that everything looks just a little bit more magical and mysterious in the morning light. And we began to awake each day with open eyes and open hearts to the promise of morning light each day.

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