About Merianna

I am the Pastor of Garden of Grace United Church of Christ and Director of Consulting at Harrelson.Co.

I am always looking for opportunities to stretch myself and challenge myself to experience something new! That mantra has led me to have a unique experience for each of my five years of teaching. I’ve taught 2nd grade and 3rd grade in Title 1 schools and had my eyes opened to the poverty and at-risk situations that existed in my own hometown.

I taught English 5th-12th grade in Germany and had my eyes opened to a global perspective. I taught 5th-grade History and Technology and had my eyes opened to the way integrating technology into the classroom can help prepare students for the content curation that they are bound to encounter throughout their educational careers and the real world. When I returned, I taught¬†German, helping families who are going to live in Germany and having my eyes opened to the way each experience that I’ve had can come together to form something new.

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