Take Back Your Inbox

After recently listening to this week’s Back to Work, I have been working to declutter.

Unlike Merlin and Dan, I am not to the point where I can sit down and go through mass amounts of acquired clutter attachments, but what I have been able to do is freely throw away the clutter that I encounter.

For me, this has been a similar experience to what I imagine a cleansing diet is like (although I have no experience in that department), but scrolling down to the bottom of those email marketing messages and clicking unsubscribe is liberating.

I have taken back my inbox.

I am free of the attempt to persuade me that I need new clothes from every store that I have ever bought an item of clothing.

I have the power to say no.

It’s interesting (maybe disturbing is a better word) that I need a podcast to free me and tell me, “You can subscribe.”

Listen to the podcast, but if you don’t, then hear this:

You can unsubscribe.

You can take back your inbox.

You can make the experience of checking your email much, much better.