Summer Reading

Having been released from the demands of 5 classes of reading, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to read from the long to read list that I’ve been building since January!

Here are a couple that I’ve read that I’d highly recommend:

  • Ender’s Game: I have to admit that I’ve never been into Sci-Fi, but I think it’s because I’ve never read the right authors. Ender’s Game is the perfect combination of Sci-Fi and futuristic society. I am ashamed to say that I confused it with Hunger Games thinking that they were closely related. They aren’t.
  • The World Made Straight: Ron Rash has always been on of my favorite authors because he writes about where I have been and what I know. In this book, he combines the story of where a community has been and where it is now. He weaves in entries from an old medical journal, which draws you into the world of the past as well as the world of the present.
  • The Penelopiad: A twist in the traditional Greek myth of Odysseus. True to form, Atwood gives the women in the story a voice and makes her readers question if the story they have always heard is right or not.

What have you been reading?