So, why the censor?

After one day of my Sexting, Facebooking and Tweeting seminar, I am shocked and amazed, as I always am, by how astute students are.

We began our discussion by asking, “Why do teachers/adults feel like they need to limit access to devices?” They responded with nice, safe answers like “because they want us to be safe” or “because it’s a distraction.”

After I pushed a little, they hit the heart of the issue with answers like “because they don’t understand how it works” and “because it’s easier to manage.”

All of us are operating under motivations that drive our decisions. Are your decisions and school policies based on ease of operation? Are you making rules based on one or two students who misuse their devices for your whole school?

It’s time to rethink our motivation because like it or not, students understand us much more than we understand them.