Shouldn’t social media integration follow faith tenets?

Are the discussions about social media integration in churches actually following our faith tenets?

A church is like a mini company and social media plays into how you promote your church…a policy can to caution against risky online behavior.

This doesn’t sound like the faith I am developing in seminary. It sounds fear-based.

I understand for many people the world of social media is daunting. I’ve been teaching seminars where people have actually gotten up and walked out because I begged to offer a different perspective than fear-based approach to social media.

I’ve been in numerous conversations with parents of teens as they try to traverse the wilderness of social media.

I don’t purport a policy-based integration plan.

I promote a relational-based discussion.

There’s a huge difference.

The first seeks to explain that one size fits all for churches as they try to understand social media and how it can impact their ministry.

The other admits and understands that each church is unique in its needs, social media and congregational.

If we as the church, don’t adjust the social media marketing advice we are giving the church, we’re just going to miss what the social media can really offer.