Runner’s High

It was truly one of those runs where you don’t know where, but you are getting more and more energy with each step (and I needed one of those after the bad runs last week!) and you end up running way more than the time budget you had allowed yourself. 

In my case, I decided to add another loop to my previously routed run and found a little circle of houses that I never knew existed. I was satisfied that I had enough energy to add another loop, so I headed back only to be distracted by the enticing look of a trail. I couldn’t pass it up, so I crossed the road and headed to the trail. 

I was immediately happy and content. I love trail running, but even more than I love trail running, I love finding a new trail!

After jumping roots and dodging mud puddles, I realized with a sinking feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t really a trail. It was missing one key ingredient, a way out. It literally dead ended into a creek. I had to turn around at which point I realized I was pushing the limits on time. 

But now I am wondering, did that trail ever lead to somewhere once?

Or was it just more of a walking/observing trail than a running trail?

I guess I’ll have to check it out again!