Halfway There

There’s is something about today that seems significant, worth stopping for a minute and writing, reflecting.

Maybe it’s the tweets and status updates that mark this day of 12/12/12, but for me there’s something more personally meaningful about today. I’m halfway through with my MDiv program and while Bon Jovi’s song seems particularly relevant to this journey I started a year and a half ago because it literally has taken livin’ on prayer to take these steps.

I’ve questioned more than once my decision to leave a full-time job that had health insurance and benefits because in all practicality that was not the way to approach this new endeavor. It would have been much more reasonable to begin with a few night classes as I continued working to see if this was really the right switch.

But I didn’t. I jumped in. Completely.

So, as I listen to the echoes of Bon Jovi and celebrate this point by planting a milestone, I don’t regret jumping all in because there is something incredible about the faith that it takes to change the course of your life completely. There’s something deep and true about honestly and completely trusting your Creator to work out the details you haven’t figured out yet. There’s something humbling about realizing that you can’t take any of the credit for making it halfway through the journey because you know that the Provider is to credit. There’s something earth-shattering in realizing that the divine is still in the business of miracles and knowing that you will always be able to testify to that, personally.

So, I’ll wander on my way holding on to what I got!