I have a problem…

I know this isn’t normal, but when I draw near to the last chapter of a book, I get a kind of panic in my stomach. I know that there are more books to read than I could ever possibly read, but what if I end up not having another book to start once I finish this book that I hold in my hands?!

It’s been a problem since childhood when I would lug a 20 lb. bag around with me to our family vacations containing 4-5 other books than the book I was currently reading, just in case. I never finished them all and almost never even finished the one that I was currently in the middle of when we left for vacation, but I was always prepared.

It proved cumbersome when I spent a year in Germany and had more books packed than I did clothes, but I couldn’t pass them up (even if it meant paying extra for how heavy they were) because I was so excited about being finished with graduate school and being able to read what I wanted to read again.

It’s a problem, but not right now because I have three books waiting on my bedside table!