New Year’s Training Tips

Not that I am an expert by any means, but I know what it is like to go from non-runner to runner. I know the excitement and commitment that comes with the resolution to run, but I also know the disappointment that comes just a few weeks later.

So, I just wanted to throw a couple of ideas out there for those of you who are trying on the new identity “runner” in 2013.

  • Check your shoes: There is no quicker way to stop running, then to run in bad shoes. Check your treads on the bottom. If you feel pain as you run, then something’s not right and the number 1 culprit is your shoes!
  • Check the weather: Running outside in the weather determines what gear you need. If you aren’t suiting for the weather outside, then you won’t make it! If it’s 40 or below, you need to cover your ears and core first. Yes, this means tucking your shirt into your pants or running tights. You might feel strange, but your legs will thank you for conserving the heat your body produces.
  • Check your breathing: As you climb hills or the terrain changes, the best way to keep your legs moving is to concentrate on patterned breathing. This ensures that your legs are getting enough oxygen to make it up the hill. If you find your breaths getting shorter and shorter, slow your speed until you can catch your breath.

I know that seems like a lot to think about as you are running, but the good news is, you might find yourself distracted just enough to enjoy the experience!