Running to Restart

Yesterday, my computer was having issues. I think maybe it hadn’t had it’s coffee (which was my fault, I drank it all before it even had a chance to get a cup!) or something because it was constantly dying even though it had 50% battery. I’ve now gotten a notification that my battery needs to be serviced, whichI figured out on my own after this happened three times. 

My first line of defense was to “force quit” all the programs that “were not responding” and then to restart. I started thinking about that and thinking about how for me, running is a way to “force quit” my body and brain from work for a little while. Some days it might be an hour, sometimes it might be 15 minutes, but however long it is, I have to “force quit” my to do list and I get the chance to restart. 

And honestly, although it may seem counterintuitive, it gives me a longer battery life. It recharges me rather than slowing me down. 

I don’t know how or when in my journey as a runner that it made that shift, but I know now that I can’t go through the day without this restart.