I have to admit I haven’t been very good at tending to my post-run body. I usually hop in the shower and then head off for work or the next item on the agenda. I decided if I wanted to keep running, then I was going to have to pay attention a little more and develop a routine. 

I’ve started to include a post-run protein shake to help my body’s recovery. I know there are mixed reviews about protein shakes and the time you should drink them, but this has been working pretty well for me. About 45 minutes after I run or hike, my body tanks, especially if it has been a hard workout. What I mean by tanks is my blood sugar drops so low that I almost faint. I know the pattern now and so including the post-run protein shake and getting a few sips in before I start to feel that way has helped balance my blood sugar so that it doesn’t dip so low. 

I don’t think this is the same for every runner because I know some who have to walk into the house after his/her run and immediately start eating. My body rejects food immediately following a run, so that coolness and the liquid form of a shake makes it a little easier. 

It just reminds me that no two runners are alike even in their recovery. I don’t have to try to be someone else, I just have to do what’s best for my body’s recovery. 

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