Chromebook Replacement Charger

My husband asked me why I wasn’t using my new Chromebook last week.

Even though I didn’t tell him, I couldn’t even remember where it was in the house. When I first got my Chromebook 11, I was so excited about the newer, slicker model. I loved the white, but two weeks passed, and it wouldn’t charge. I had heard about the overheating issue, but I didn’t think my charger was one of the ones impacted because I could plug it in and everything indicated that it was charging.

I tried different plugs. I tried different outlets. I tried waiting for the Chromebook to completely die. I let it charge for 24 hours. The battery would not charge past 10%. I would try to work while the computer was charging and the battery would deplete even faster. It was frustrating and so, I went back to my Macbook Pro.

But when my husband asked me, I dug out my Chromebook again. When I plugged in my charger this time, there was an alert for the new replacement charge. I decided that it was at least worth it to ask for a replacement. So, I ordered it.

When it came, I immediately plugged in the charger. I can’t say that I had hope. I thought it was the actual computer, and I didn’t think the replacement charger was going to make any difference.

I was wrong.

It has made all the difference in the world! The charger works perfectly. My Chromebook now holds a charge for upwards of 8 hours. I take it with me everywhere. I use it all the time for coding, website revisions, and writing. As I was sitting in a meeting the other day looking at the other laptops surrounding me, I couldn’t help but notice that my Chromebook was at least half the size, if not a third of the size, of the surrounding computers.

This is my second Chromebook and the improvements made from the first generation to the 11 are incredible.

I’m glad I didn’t let a bad charger make me lose hope in the Chromebook. If you are like me and have put your Chromebook in the corner because of the charging issues, order your replacement charger (I won’t tell anyone it took you this long). Google support is quick on the shipping process (I think I had mine the very next day) and they are eager to help you fall in love with your Chromebook again.