Therapy Thursdays

Giving Love

Today, Willie and I started our Therapy Thursday visits. We went to see Mr. S, someone I have been visiting him for the last six months who is legally blind. He is 94 years old and is having a hard time with his declining health. After receiving clearance from his assisted living facility, Willie and I were able to go and visit him and some of the other residents as well.

Willie warmed right up to Mr. S and Mr. S warmed right up to Willie. As he petted Willie, he began to tell me of his recent doctor visits and how they had worried him. It’s interesting that we haven’t talked that in depth about his health since I have started to visit him. I was so glad that Willie and I were able to see him and able to offer some love and smiles.

We were able to see some of the other residents as well as we walked around the facilities with Mr. S. It was a great start to Therapy Thursdays!