On Not Meeting Goals

This year, I didn’t meet my reading goal. I joined the Goodreads Reading Challenge and set my goal to read 100 books by the end of the year. I read 88. It would be easy to look at this picture of the quippy, “Better luck next time!” and feel disappointed or discouraged. It would be easy to decide to not participate in a reading challenge this year because I didn’t succeed last year.

But what I have learned is failing is worth setting the goal. Not finishing or reaching a goal actually teaches me resilience because it brings to light the things that get in the way of those goals. It reminds me of my intention and my reason for setting a reading goal and participating in a reading challenge.

I have always loved reading and reading was really what allowed me a look outside of the fundamentalist world I lived in for so long. As I read, I explored different places and different people. I discovered different cultures and different traditions. Reading is what helped me find my way. I want to make sure that I prioritize reading in my life because it taught me so much and it ignites my creativity.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not especially comfortable to put out that there that I didn’t reach a goal. I would much rather share that I did reach my goal, but failing at something means there is room to grow and change. There is always another chance to set your intention and spend your time in meaningful ways.

So here’s to setting goals and not reaching them and then resetting your goals with purpose and intention.