Waiting for the Center

Last night was the darkest night, the most time we will go without light for the whole year. Each day from here on out, we will gain just a little more light each day. Isn’t it interesting that we start gaining more light just as the Light of the World is about to come?

As we wait, we look for warmth and light. We want to hear the stories of people helping each other. We want to know the warmth of sitting near a fire with loved ones. We want to taste hearty soups and meals.

And even in the midst of all this waiting, we are surrounded by advertisements and marketing tell us “Don’t wait! Buy now! Get it before it’s too late!” All these messages are encouraging us not to linger and not to remember where we are in the year and what it feels like to stay in the unknown, which is why the slow and steady journey of Advent bringing us closer to the Light of the World is so important.

We are waiting for the center. That last candle that lies in the middle of the wreath to be light. We are waiting for the center, the reason we have hope, peace, joy, and love. We are waiting for the center to come so that we can find our own centers and bask in the light of the incarnation here among us.

So let us wait for the center lingering in the light and warmth of the season.