SpeakerWe are all exhausted. We have been carrying way too much in the midst of a global pandemic and political unrest. The burden has fallen on the shoulders of working mothers most significantly to navigate unreliable childcare, quarantines, and daycare and school closings. We aren’t sleeping well. We aren’t taking care of ourselves because we are in survival mode.

What can we do then to help alleviate and release the stress and burdens? We can care for our souls. We can listen to the rhythm of our souls and bring ourselves back home. It isn’t to create time and space to hear our souls, but when we do our whole selves are able to sigh in relief because we have received what we needed for this time and place.

If you are interested in professional development or a retreat designed around self-care vs. soul-care, contact me so we can help offer healing and deepening in the midst of still uncertain times.

Upcoming Events: 

  • May 7th: A Prayer and Centering Retreat, Garden of Grace UCC
  • June 6: Oliver Gospel Mission Training “Self-Care vs. Soul-Care: How do you find our center?”
  • Unidiversity Camp: June 27 – July 1, Maryville College

Twitter: @RevMerianna

Facebook: Merianna Harrelson

Instagram: RevMeriannaHarrelson

Contact me here for more information about speaking engagements and availabilities

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