Let’s Make a Deal

On my last flight, I realized I’ve stopped enjoying flying. Rather than being amazed at the sights I was able to see and the experience of defying gravity, I was muttering under my breath, “Straighten up! Remember there ate people back here!”

I was speechless when I realized how critical I was being. Just because I was a frequent flyer, I assumed that I knew what good piloting was!

I actually don’t know what the weather looks like or what other circumstances my pilot is having to overcome and yet I still whine.

Just like parents and politicians assume they know what good teaching is because they have been to school.

What parents and politicians don’t understand are the weather conditions of teaching in the age of accountability. They don’t understand the little pay cuts that districts and administrators are making to our paycheck without the chance to counter offer. And they don’t understand that we still keep getting up to teach children.

Let’s make a deal.

I’ll try to enjoy the flying experience and trust the expertise of the pilots and you do the same for the teachers in your life.