Why We Can’t Open Communities of Faith or Schools

This week the stark contrast of what we have valued as a country has become crystal clear. We concentrated our initial reopening efforts not on opening the communities where our children learn and people gather together to be in the community together to gain hope and healing, but instead restaurants, bars, and beaches. Our top …

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On Being Together

Over and over again, I have heard people saying that they “needed a change of scenery” or that the way we were doing life during quarantine “wasn’t sustainable.” While this is true to a certain extent, here in South Carolina, the travel and the unwillingness to wear masks is having devastating effects. Our case numbers …

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Those First Students

I’ve been thinking a lot about my first students from my first class this May. Been wondering about whether they and their families are in this same position. The never-ending cycle is real and haunts too many people in our society: But this subsidized housing is all she can afford. Most of Houser’s paycheck goes …

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It’s been a week since I’ve been to this place that has slowly become a space where I have figured out who I am and what I am supposed to do with these breaths I’ve been given. Sure, I’ve taken longer leaves of absences from this, but this time it was for a purpose not …

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Parting Ways with Hebrew

After a yearlong journey, my formal studies of the Hebrew language end on Monday. It’s crazy for me to think that a year ago, I identified the markings on the classroom board as field goals posts and golf flags. Now, I know them as letters joined together to make words that tell a story of …

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Full Friday

Whew! What a day! I forgot what it was like to attend a conference and to not have a minute to sit down. You convince yourself that you are going to get work done while you are here and then you end up even busier than you thought.  I find myself exhaustingly invigorated by the …

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Back to Conference Travel

It’s odd to me that this year is filled with teacher conferences again.  I am trying to place my finger on just why that is and I am not sure if I have found it yet. Maybe it’s because I spent a year as a teacher without a classroom and have spent this year doing …

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Inspiring words from a dying teacher

Really inspiring words, from an inspiring teacher: “I am at the end of my life,”¬†Menasche told USA Today. “I don’t know how much longer I have left, and I just wanted that sense of satisfaction that the time I did have I used well.”