On Being Hemmed In

Last week, I found myself moving slowly on 1-26, a familiar experience for me. Usually I can turn up the kids playlist or podcast and remind myself that this is a moment and invitation to slow down and look around. Last week, I wasn’t in the mood to slow down or look around. I just …

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October Skies

I know that the season is changing in South Carolina when the skies start to change. We head to school in the rising sun and the play outside until the sun begins to set. It may sound routine, but the colors in the October skies are anything but routine. They are stop-you-in-your-track kind of skies. …

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Running on Fumes

Early this week, I recounted running out of gas for the first time in my life. What I didn’t explain was that it’s not surprising it happened. I run on fumes quite often. I push past the lit-up E trying to tell me to stop and take time to refuel. I push my engine to …

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