Giving Up the Positivity Hustle

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase “being negative won’t help” or “just think positively.” There is a thread that runs through our culture ad our society, especially for women, that urges us to “stay positive” and “to smile more.” This is especially prevalent in conservative communities and depicted in the Lego …

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Giving Up the Mom Hustle

The pandemic revealed so much about how much so many of us were doing every day by grinding everything suddenly and unexpectedly to a halt. Childcare and schools were closed. Businesses were divided into essential and nonessential and we all were trying to create workspaces and school desks at home. As all of these changes …

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Giving Up the Hustle

Everything in our capitalistic, consumer-driven culture is telling us to do more and be more. Nearly half of Americans have a side hustle. This hustle economy tells you to push through, send just one more email, get up earlier, work more, and then when you are hustling, you will be sure to make it. This …

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