Teaching from the Trees: Just Be

I was born right before Nike launched its “Just Do It” campaign. I remember the commercials vividly and I took it to heart. I was a three season athlete and took pushed through sprained ankles, two a day practices, with this phrase circling through my head. Those last moments of a nail biter, close match game were exhilarating and exhausting, but worth when we pulled out the W. On the times that those close calls ended in a L, we still learned something important because we came back to the game and back to practice to get better.

Although I believe in spirit behind the campaign, I think it’s message has been perhaps a little too effective. We have learned too well to push through the pain, get back to work, and put our heads to the grindstone.

This week in our “Teachings from the Trees” series, we looked at how trees became the floating sanctuary that saved Noah and his family and life on earth. It wasn’t until the trees sprouted new life that Noah and his family were safe again. The trees are what whisper to all creation that new life is possible even after the fiercest storm.

The trees teach us to just be, not to just do it. The trees teach us to root down, soak up the water, and sun.