A Different Rainbow

On Monday, our five-year-old and I were reading an informational text about rainbows. One of the facts she read was that each person sees a different rainbow. Each person sees a different part of the rainbow because of where they are in space. Not everyone is the same height. Not everyone’s eyesight is the same. Not everyone can detect the same amount of color. Understanding that we each see a different rainbow would go a long way in helping us understand that the way we see the world is not how others people see it.

On this Juneteenth, what would it be like to ask each other, “What does the world look like to you?” rather than trying to convince each other that the way we see the world is the right way? What would it be like to listen to each other and truly hear each other rather than concentrating on talking and arguing?

Perhaps in hearing what others see the hope and promise of resurrection and new life would shine anew.