A Different Rainbow

On Monday, our five-year-old and I were reading an informational text about rainbows. One of the facts she read was that each person sees a different rainbow. Each person sees a different part of the rainbow because of where they are in space. Not everyone is the same height. Not everyone’s eyesight is the same. …

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Spring and New Beginnings

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring. It was a chilly one here in South Carolina and necessitated digging through the coat closet to find the winter coats we had put away thinking the cold mornings had passed. This isn’t unusual for where we live. There is often a taste of Spring that tempts and …

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Lent: Finding Rebirth

Our kids love going on nature walks. They want to find creatures and treasures. It’s always interesting and fun to see what they find that qualifies. Often our Saturday trip to the park ends with what we call “turtle time,” or the search for turtles in the pond that is adjacent to the playground. For …

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