Planting Healing

A year ago, we passed our neighbors who are gardening goddesses. Their yard always looks and smells amazing and is filled with birds and rabbits who come to find sanctuary. I said in passing how much I loved their aloe plants that had grown so large they had taken up a whole corner of their …

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Entering Eastertide: Things Are Different

This morning the four-year-old looked out the window and said, “Mama, things are different now.” I let his profound statement hang in the air for just a little bit before responding. “Yeah, they are buddy. What were you thinking about?” “Well, well, I mean like no with homeschooling and everything is different.” I wonder sometimes …

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Eastertide Grief

I can remember when it was finally time to share that our Eastertide secret pregnancy wasn’t going to be one filled with hope and new life, but grief. I can remember the gasp of joy as I shared with my congregation that we were pregnant and the gasps of grief as I shared that we …

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