Ripples of Peace

When Jesus first appears to his disciples after the resurrection in the gospel of John, he says, “Peace be with you.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that greeting that Jesus shared with his disciples and that we use as a way to call ourselves together at the beginning of worship. I’ve been wondering about …

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Simple Signs

For the first time in a very long time, I was able to attend an Easter morning sunrise service. We were at the beach and there was a service within walking distance. As we walked onto the beach with our six-year-old, I felt immediately at peace. The sun was rising over the ocean, people were …

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Planting Healing

A year ago, we passed our neighbors who are gardening goddesses. Their yard always looks and smells amazing and is filled with birds and rabbits who come to find sanctuary. I said in passing how much I loved their aloe plants that had grown so large they had taken up a whole corner of their …

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