Ripples of Peace

When Jesus first appears to his disciples after the resurrection in the gospel of John, he says, “Peace be with you.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that greeting that Jesus shared with his disciples and that we use as a way to call ourselves together at the beginning of worship. I’ve been wondering about …

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Mine, Mine, Mine

Recently, we have watched Finding Nemo with our three-year-old and when the seagulls came on screen screaming, “Mine, Mine, Mine” as they watched Dory and Marlin flip on the dock, his cackle filled the room. I can remember the first time I saw the movie and I thought these silly birds were funny too, especially …

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On Missions

Last week I took six youth, one college student, and one young professional¬†down to Conway, SC for Youth Missions Week. I am not a youth minister, but when I found that 25% of my current congregation was youth, I knew there was something missing in the life and work of our church. We needed our …

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