Being a woman

Giving Up the Mom Hustle

The pandemic revealed so much about how much so many of us were doing every day by grinding everything suddenly and unexpectedly to a halt. Childcare and schools were closed. Businesses were divided into essential and nonessential and we all were trying to create workspaces and school desks at home. As all of these changes …

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Optics and Opportunity

While watching the debate, I was overwhelmed with the optics of three old white men debating the future of our country. For years, I have been the voice in worship planning that asks the question, “But does it look like we welcome and affirm women?” when the platform or worship participants are only males. Nothing …

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In the Midst of Rain

Yesterday, I was trying to do a quick grocery store run before the thunderstorms rolled in with our four-year-old and our 11-month-old in tow. I was convinced I had timed it just right. I talked our four-year-old son through the planning because he gets a little nervous during storms. We had a plan and we …

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