Giving Up the Beauty Hustle

The American beauty industry is a 49.2 billion dollar industry and is estimated to be a 438.38 by 2026. Women in the US spend between $3,000 and $4,000/ year on cosmetics. The beauty industry was interrupted during the pandemic as women all over the country stopped wearing makeup.

I’m giving up the beauty hustle.

As the mother of three girls, the idea that there is a multi-million dollar industry marketing to them as they grow and develop their self-awareness and self-confidence is deeply concerning to me.

The beauty industry’s marketing depends on a deficit perspective. In other words, there is something their customers are missing or something their customers need to cover up or something that is unattractive about them that cosmetics can help solve. This deficit perspective translates into beauty standards that value a certain look.

How then do I teach my daughters that they are fearfully and wonderfully made without needing anything this industry has to offer? How do I teach them to love others the same way?

The beauty hustle that surrounds us and pervades our culture leaves deep soul wounds within women and girls. What if these wounds are actually on purpose? What is these wounds preoccupy women so that their voices are silenced? What if these wounds are meant to distract women so that they don’t come together and share their power and magic with the world?

What if we did something different? What if we said no to the beauty industry and created a new way to be?