Being a woman

There’s Hope Yet

Wow. Impossible for me to hold back tears.  [gigya src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”500″ height=”250″>] There’s hope yet in this world. Preach on, Michelle! Preach on! 

Open Window

Wow the second article in a week that reminds me to be comfortable being different, being me: He said “Stop worrying about what you’re bad at. Focus on what you’re good at and do more of that. Swim downstream. That’s how you become successful. Play to your strengths.” I’ve never forgotten that conversation. It still took …

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What do I say?

I don’t write about the issues surrounding being a woman much…wait actually, I don’t think I ever had. I’m hesitant to even explain why I feel the need to write this now, but here we go. One of my dear friends sent me this article and I so identified with the way she feels like …

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