What do I say?

I don’t write about the issues surrounding being a woman much…wait actually, I don’t think I ever had. I’m hesitant to even explain why I feel the need to write this now, but here we go.

One of my dear friends sent me this article and I so identified with the way she feels like there are certain things that she can’t reveal to a younger generation about being a woman. What am I supposed to say to the women I teach who are incredibly beautiful and being honked at when they run? What am I supposed to say to the women I teach whose answers and comments are disregarded?

Do I tell that they are wrong, that they have misperceived the interaction or is it time to just be honest and start discussing the issues that they will inevitably face in the workplace and in relationships?

I hope things will change. I do and I don’t want to teach that they won’t change, but I guess all there is to say is, they haven’t.