Is Facebook worth it?

There is much debate as to whether Facebook is worth the $38 shares that it is selling as of today. So what is about this company that is so intriguing to potential investors? Certainly, it is interesting that a Social Media site, initially to just be a time waster, is bringing over $1 billion in profits every …

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Classy Vinny

I just attended Vinny O’Hare’s session at ASW12,which was incredible. Vinny is what is good about affiliate marketing. He’s 10 years of experience in the industry and could easy capitalize on the information that he has gleaned, up he chooses to share it to help other affiliates (even giving a take home suggestion to analyze …

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Teacher Marketers

My first marketing campaign started on the first day of school. “And Ms. Neely loves loves loves coffee and books.” I found that saying loves three times and quite dramatically increased the likelihood of receiving these lovely items for Christmas, teacher appreciation day or birthday. I have to include a disclaimer here. I don’t know …

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