Is Facebook worth it?

There is much debate as to whether Facebook is worth the $38 shares that it is selling as of today.

So what is about this company that is so intriguing to potential investors? Certainly, it is interesting that a Social Media site, initially to just be a time waster, is bringing over $1 billion in profits every year. Not only that, but users are willingly sharing personal information about what they like and dislike, information marketers would love to get their hands on.

But more than that, Facebook shows that a college student can have an idea that makes billions of dollars and people who still believe that the American Dream is alive and real want to believe in this success story.

The problem with this story is that it wasn’t a rags to riches, but more about the elite students at elite schools setting themselves up to make money off of non-critical consumers. So as you Facebook post and read other people’s timelines today, think about the money that is being made off of you and your “friends.”