Facebook: Friend or Foe?

I know that you are tired of my on again off again relationship with Facebook.

It must be exhausting to read when I am happy with Facebook and when I am upset.

I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Pick a side!”

I’d love to. I really would, but there are simply too many things that are¬†simultaneously frustrating and freeing about Facebook. Most recently, Facebook and I have been getting along because it has been streamlining the process of getting students to respond to choices for details pertaining to the trips that we are planning. I’ve been getting quick, helpful response and Facebook has been the tool that has made the process more manageable.

However, I have to take into account that it is summer and students have more free time to check our Facebook group and then I also have to consider the number of personal emails I have to send in addition to the Facebook for the middle schoolers who aren’t yet old enough to have a Facebook account and the high schoolers, who like me, don’t like Facebook and so refuse to have an account.

Wait a minute, Facebook hasn’t streamlined our process. We still are only getting a third responding to our Facebook posts, which isn’t better than the responses that we get from our weekly newsletter or mass emails. I have been duped.

Facebook with the little red 5 flashing in the top left corner has convinced me that my responses are good and quick and that they are doing me some favor, but they aren’t.

Disregard what I said earlier, Facebook and I are “not in a relationship” anymore!