Affiliate Marketing

Day 1 of trying to be an affiliate marketer

Ok, that last video I posted was not true.  Plain as that.  This is not as easy as sitting in front of your computer.  This is hard. Really hard.  I’ve been at this for 5 hours and I am still nowhere close to being ready. Maybe this is not for me after all. 

Teacher Affiliates

In a recent board meeting, I heard the phrase “teacher affiliate.” Having been to Affiliate Summit, my ears perked up and I wondered if my worlds were colliding. Here’s how this works in the teaching world: There are national professional development groups. These groups need teachers as members. Therefore, they national professional development groups form …

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Pinterest Ponderings

I can’t say that I’ve caught the wave of Pinterest pandemonium. Maybe it’s the facebook posts repeating so many of the same things found on Pinterest that make me feel like I am already experiencing what it’s like or maybe it’s the suspicion that Pinterest, like¬†Branded, is using woman for marketing research…well, actually it’s not …

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Relationship-Centered Marketing

In my research and reading, there is a one absolute certainty in creating student success… Student engagement. So how does student engagement start? By creating and building relationships. This idea that educators have been fostering for years (it’s why you still remember where you sat in third grade!) is now entering the business world: Jeff …

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Are your Tweets and Blog Posts Shareable?

If you have ever been a middle school teacher on lunch duty, you realize that some absolutely absurd information gets shared, but it’s a phenomena that aspiring blogs and affiliate marketers would benefit from exploring. What gets shared and why? This framework describes the three criteria that must be met before someone will spread an …

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