Adding Twinkles

It’s interesting to find a gem in the middle of a podcast where you don’t understand half of the conversation, but I did! They were talking about the ins and outs of producing and referenced the polishing of the track as “adding twinkles.”

As a female blogger, I am finding that there are a host of other female bloggers that are trying to find their voice as well. So what am I going to do here in this space that’s different?

Why should you be reading my blog rather than the host of other (award winning) female bloggers?

Because of my twinkles.

As Vinny O’Hare said in his presentation at Affiliate Summit West:

Customers don’t buy from a website, they buy from you.

Just so you know, I have this problem with sitting still. I jump at opportunities to experience and learn something new.

So what I can promise you in this space is that you will walk (or maybe jump) with me as I try to squeeze everything I can out of the time that I’ve been given.

If you lose track or can’t keep up, just follow the twinkles : )