Are your Tweets and Blog Posts Shareable?

If you have ever been a middle school teacher on lunch duty, you realize that some absolutely absurd information gets shared, but it’s a phenomena that aspiring blogs and affiliate marketers would benefit from exploring.

What gets shared and why?

This framework describes the three criteria that must be met before someone will spread an idea in any format:

  1. The person must be exposed to your content. This means that the person has to be following you on Twitter, be a fan of your page on Facebook, subscribe to your email list, and so on.
  2. The person must become aware of your specific piece of content (the idea you want to spread). S/he has to read your tweet or open your email message.
  3. The person must be motivated by something (generally in the content itself) in order to want to share the idea with his or her contacts.

Are you tweets and blog posts shareable?