Apple Education Announcement Spreading

More and more sites and blogs are talking about the Apple announcement that will concern education on January 19. The only statement from Apple is that the announcement will be about education and textbooks.

While I anxiously await for the announcement, I tend to agree with Ian Quillen who suggests:

The bigger question, according to Mashable, is whether Apple’s new venture—in whatever form—will succeed.

Past evidence certainly suggests it will. Apple already has a wide swath of devotees in education who can fairly be categorized as fiercely loyal. More narrowly, Apple’s most recent game-changer, the iPad, has had greater success proliferating the education market than any other single device by any manufacturer in recent memory. And as Mashable reminds us, the same storyline generally holds true in Apple’s other endeavors, whether it be music, cinema, or telecommunications.

Apple has laid the foundation for the quick and early adoption of whatever they suggest by donating the largest number of computing devices and programs like one to one.

When this breaks, we better all have our running shoes on to try to keep up!