If You Don’t Notice, Someone Will

There are many middle schoolers who are being told to be quiet in class, to sit still in class and to not be distracted by all their technology. For 6 hours a day, they are often unengaged and disconnected.

Then they go home.

They pull out their iPods, turn their phone off of vibrate, check their facebook, post pictures through Instagram, text, chat and completely forget about their day at school because it’s so unlike the individual engagement that they experience.

Marketing teams ask for contact information and birthdays in order to engage their audience.

What??? You didn’t know it was my birthday? Shame on you for not asking!

Your competitors didn’t have any trouble asking me for it when I subscribed to their email list or liked them on Facebook. Simply asking me to let them know when my birthday was, so they know when to send my gift, did the trick. Because hey, who doesn’t like gifts on their birthday?

Something teachers would benefit from remembering.