Entering Eastertide: Heron Spotting

Two days in the last week, I have spotted a heron flying overhead. I knew there several herons in the area because we have been swapping wildlife stories with our four-year-old’s teacher and she saw one, too.

During this time of staying at home, I keep waiting for a sign or a revelation, something that would indicate what we are supposed to learn during this time. As if I am saying to Creator God, ok is this the lesson, and can we please move on now? Anyone else like this?

But what if there is not one lesson we are supposed to learn from this? What is there is not one silver lining? What is instead this time has invited us to a way of life and indeed a way of being that is counter to everything we used to do?

All of the running from one place to another and all of the shopping at one store or another? What if instead we are asked to simply be.

As I watched the heron last night from our porch, I was struck by the tranquility. The heron was in no rush to get anywhere. The heron had probably moved from one pond or body of water to the other throughout the day knowing that if there weren’t fish in one, there would be fish in the other.

Maybe in order to fly, we have to just be.