Entering Eastertide: Things Are Different

This morning the four-year-old looked out the window and said, “Mama, things are different now.”

I let his profound statement hang in the air for just a little bit before responding.

“Yeah, they are buddy. What were you thinking about?”

“Well, well, I mean like no with homeschooling and everything is different.”

I wonder sometimes what this little mind will remember from this time. I wonder what he will take with him. Will he take the importance of finding sanctuary in the midst of these uncertain times? Will he take that he really is the one who leads and guides his learning? Will he take with him the idea that you can work from home and be with your family all at the same time?

Or will his memories like so many, disappear as he grows up.

Eastertide allows us to reimagine a new life, a different life. Eastertide allows us to say with certainty, “Everything is different” because Christ is Risen. Even as we are reeling from all the changes in such a short time and as we are reminded that everything is different each and every day, let us cling to the hope of the resurrected Christ.