After the Rain

After the rain, the early morning earth sighs in relief.   Relief – of having endured the storm the thirst the lack the absence the waiting the wondering,   Wondering – how long it will be until the next refreshment nourishment taste.   The taste of the cool, clear rain.

Hope (II)

Hope is a strong anchor mired in dreams and visions holding fast against the wind.   Hope is a strong anchor settled securely and soundly in truth.   Hope is a strong anchor nestled deep within preparing for-   the unknown the what’s next the what is to come.

Speaking Into the Air

My friend Elisabeth and I have a weekly podcast about publishing, running, dogs, and whatever else is on our minds that day appropriately called Thinking Out Loud. I had to do some convincing her to actually podcast with me and as we did our weekly podcast, I still had to convince her at times not …

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Don’t Tell Your Story

In my work as a publisher, I encounter many people who tell me they have a great idea for a book. I find fewer people who tell me they are writing a book. I find even fewer who tell me they have written a book. But lately, I have encountered more and more people who …

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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

  I just clicked the validate button on 50,000 words I wrote during the month of November joining scores of other amazing people who do this crazy self-challenge every year. As a newbie, I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement express to someone who had never participated before. I was also especially grateful for …

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