Sound Check

Each Sunday, as I robe, there’s a small part of me that basks in the last bit of quiet before my mic goes live. The weight of bringing the gospel to God’s people, especially in the midst of a pandemic and so much violence, weighs on my heart and soul. For just a moment before …

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Am I Doing this Right?

As I was burning the dead plants from our garden in preparation for our Ash Wednesday services, I was overwhelmed with uncertainty. Am I doing this right? While we practiced baptism, leading communion, and discussed funerals and marriage ceremonies, we never burned ashes. Perhaps it’s because the celebration of Ash Wednesday isn’t all that common …

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Roaming Robe

I grew up in a tradition where ministers wore suits and ties because they were all male. Pastors were considered to be CEOs and so it made sense that their professional attire would match that of the business world. This always bothered me, especially after experiencing worship communities in which the ministers were set apart in …

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