Behind the Scenes A Theology of Scarcity

I have this voice in my head that whispers a repeating line, “It’s not enough. It’s not enough.” Most of this time this repeating line enters my consciousness on Wednesday mornings as I am walking back to my car after leading the chapel service at Transitions Homeless Shelter. I have walked with the homeless community …

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I didn’t #PantsSuitUp yesterday on Tuesday to go and vote, but I did yesterday. I did because #Iamwithallthehers. I am with the hers who are shocked and disappointed because their candidate lost. I am with the hers in the LGTBQ community. I am with the hers of all races, nationalities, and ethnicities. I am with …

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Freedom for Some

Yesterday, many churches joined the worship or God with the worship of country as the lines between church and state were blurred with the singing patriotic songs and the parade of red, white, and blue in sanctuaries. In blurring those lines, we forget how many people are not free to be themselves in our country and …

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