spiritual abuse

Revelations of Sexual Abuse

This weekend, the Houston Chronicle and USA Today both released reports that the Southern Baptist Convention not only had knowledge of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment but went through great lengths to cover up these allegations by handling them internally. For many who follow bombshell reports about religious institutions, these reports will harken …

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Just Breathe

Since high school, I have had breathing issues. There was this one drill in my training for field hockey that always left me struggling to breathe, which led to a doctor’s visit where I was diagnosed with seasonal asthma. I was prescribed an emergency inhaler and allergy medicine and considered myself lucky that this was …

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The Behind the Scenes of Baptist Pastor Search

In response to sharing my story in the recent article Switching Denomination: Why some Baptist ministers are leaving, I’ve heard from so many women who have experienced something similar to what I have experienced. While this is reassuring that I am not alone in my experience, it is also disheartening. As I listened to these …

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