Tiger King and Spiritual Abuse

We finally took the plunge and started watching Tiger King. I barely made it through the first episode I have to be honest, but as I continued to watch there was a character, a woman who appeared. She once worked for Doc Antle who left. She described the terrible conditions she had to live in and the way you got to a better position in the community. She described all of these steps and expectations had theological underpinnings and reasonings. All of this happened in my home state of South Carolina.

I couldn’t stop listening to her story. Her story is my story. And so many other women’s stories.

In a recent article after the show was released Fisher said:

I feel like I’m finally being understood and finally being heard.

When I watched her story and her eyes, I felt like I was understood. There was someone else out there who had been where I have been. In the midst of the shock and trauma of our current state, shock and trauma from the past can resurface.

Please know that you are not alone. Your story is not my story, but our journeys may just cross.