Challenge Accepted

So, I issued a challenge to Elisabeth in the middle of June to write her novel this summer. I promised her I would write, too, and that I would even call my writing a book project. Little did I know that Elisabeth knows a lot more about writing groups and writing books than I do! …

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A Dream Come True

So, yes I have engaged in the Timehop culture that tracks what has come and gone. Yesterday, I ran across this picture as well as a myriad of others from the field trip we took to Carl Sandburg’s house as a part of the Spartanburg Writing Project. First of all, there is no way I …

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Write Your Novel

A part of this crazy bi-vocational life I am currently living is a weekly podcast with Elisabeth called ThinkingOutLoud. It’s a show I started when I started to work with authors a year ago. I never imagined that there was someone out there just about as crazy as I am that believed the world of publishing …

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Saturday Sounds

Dog collars against dog leash. Birds heylookiehereherehere heylookiehereherehere. Lawnmowers starting. Car doors opening. Saturday greetings. Aggravated Owner Lady come here! Leave those dogs alone.  Dogs happy panting. Birds whirlywhirlywhirlydo whirlywhirlywhirlydo.  Water hoses spraying freshly cleaned cars. Dogs’ toenails clicking on asphalt. Chihuahuas yapping. Home hellos. Tired dogs’ snores.

My Bebop’s Desk

  When I was in elementary school, I asked for desk for my birthday. It was something my cousin had started and to which my grandfather responded by building on with his hands. I received the same kind of desk for my birthday that my cousin had. I was thrilled to have my own space …

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My Mimi’s Desk

Last week on ThinkingOutLoud, Elisabeth and I talked about our work space (no not Office Space). I realized that I had more of an abstract working place than a set work space. Because I have been in school for the last three years and working on top of that commitment, work has been squeezed in …

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Walk at Dusk

The pups and I are usually morning walkers or runners, so it was strange to take them out tonight as the day faded into night. We watched as families came together and peeked in at what they were having for dinner. In some cases, we could even smell what was cooking. It seems odd to …

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2nd Cup of Coffee at 7:30

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on my second cup of coffee at 7:30 am. It’s been since my teaching days, but as my alarm went off this morning at 5:00, I was excited. I am encountering fewer and fewer people who can say that their jobs are truly worth waking up in …

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Why I Write (Revised)

When I started this blog, I needed the place and space to write and work through the transitions from teaching to becoming a student again. I wanted to track and trace this journey as best as I could. Most of my blog posts at the beginning were about education. I still watching and waiting to …

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Dog Sitting

She said one week. One week to watch her dog and she would be back. It’s now day 10. No call. No notice. No answer. I understand. I’ve been in a pinch before, too. She said she would return the favor. My dog waits patiently while her dog wonders. She said one week. Where is …

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