Walk at Dusk

The pups and I are usually morning walkers or runners, so it was strange to take them out tonight as the day faded into night. We watched as families came together and peeked in at what they were having for dinner. In some cases, we could even smell what was cooking.

It seems odd to be able to see a glimpse into the lives that the people around you live, but then you realize that your life is not all that different than the people who drive the same streets as you do and fill up their gas tanks at the same gas station as you do. Then, the shocking realization comes that if you were to see the people who have the same mail carrier as you do, you wouldn’t recognize them. You don’t know your neighbors.

I know it’s a different world than when Jesus lived, but this is unsettling to me. We do know our immediate neighbors, but we don’t know much past that. They would never know I was a minister. Maybe, this walk at dusk is just what I needed to open my eyes to the people around me.