Puppy Adventures

Saturday Sounds

Dog collars against dog leash. Birds heylookiehereherehere heylookiehereherehere. Lawnmowers starting. Car doors opening. Saturday greetings. Aggravated Owner Lady come here! Leave those dogs alone.  Dogs happy panting. Birds whirlywhirlywhirlydo whirlywhirlywhirlydo.  Water hoses spraying freshly cleaned cars. Dogs’ toenails clicking on asphalt. Chihuahuas yapping. Home hellos. Tired dogs’ snores.

Walk at Dusk

The pups and I are usually morning walkers or runners, so it was strange to take them out tonight as the day faded into night. We watched as families came together and peeked in at what they were having for dinner. In some cases, we could even smell what was cooking. It seems odd to …

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Watching Waylon

As Waylon nears his first birthday, I am feeling a little nostalgic. Having two dogs has certainly been a great decision for our family especially since Waylon and Willie have such different temperaments. Willie is an over-eager pleaser and Waylon is well, most often known as grumpy dog. He goes at his own pace and …

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Our Shelter Dogs

This Christmas, Sam and I are celebrating with two new members of our family: Willie and Waylon. As we have both watched the ads for adopting puppies, we have almost convinced ourselves that we could take on another one . . . almost : ) I was just looking at the Barnes and Noble list …

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Pulled in Two Directions

Running has become an interesting experience. Willie and I have been running for 6 months together. Waylon and I went on our third run today. Waylon has always run with me and Willie. He’s done pretty well for a new pup and a new pup to running; however, having Willie ready to go and Waylon …

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