Running through the Cool Down

Last week during my weeklong intensive, I wasn’t able to run as per usual. I found myself getting more and more antsy as the days wore on and I found myself much more restless when it came time to go to sleep.

It’s funny how you don’t realize the activities that keep you grounded and balanced until they are changed for some reason. Taking those balancing agents away for even a short period of time can throw you off balance and make you wonder why you don’t feel like yourself, but I’ve also found that taking those activities away from a time can help identify and reveal the power of simple activities in inspiring and sustaining yourself.

Why is this important?

Because inevitably, life throws curve balls, unexpected twists and turns and when that happens putting on your running shoes and your split leash harness for your four-legged running buddies can bring you back home; can help you remember why you can breathe into whatever the next step of life is.

That was today’s run for me.

As we approached the house, I picked a sign and told my mind and body to run through that sign and then I could cool down, but what happened was that when the sign came and went I found my legs kept running and didn’t stop. I ran through my cool down. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does,  I feel certain my body is telling my spirit and mind to realign and to reassure the uncertain me that we can keep going. We can keep on keeping on.